Friday, 28 December 2012

The last stand

It is war time. I stand at the wall of my fortress looking at my enemy who is bent upon conquering my strongholds. I must fight with all my might to overcome my enemy who is determined to bring my downfall. I am the sole survivor of past deadly battles, a true warrior in bright armour...

Someone shouted my name...

I woke up with notes in hand amidst angry voices which belonged to my father. It took me some time to understand what exactly he was saying. Apparently I have dozed off while studying for my semester exam which is scheduled tomorrow. After a long tirade about how irresponsible I am and not being serious enough  in some innovative ways he left me to struggle with my books.

I remember a time when these scolding would leave me shame-faced but hearing the same lecture over and over again has made it a kind of a routine. It is part and parcel of every student including me.

I tried to shift my focus to studies. It is very difficult as it is but after a nap it is nearly impossible to concentrate specially in winters. My thoughts drifted to my dreams and I realised that my situation is similar to what I have dreamt. Maybe my mind unconsciously projected a dream which was an amplified and moderated image of my current situation.

Every student faces appealing and very lucrative concept of last night studies (other than few geeks). It is a very crucial time in which we must learn entire semester worth of course and become masters of the subject in just one night. It is an art of selective study with some intuitive guesswork on our part.

Some people call us crazy, some go to great lengths to explain that it is not the proper way of studying, some people have serious doubts about us and they criticize us of being negligent but we are simply lazy people with high expectations.

I am the hero of my story. Exams are my mortal enemy bent upon my destruction. It is determined to destroy me. So in order to prevail I must face it time and again. Last night study is our last stand against a deadly attack and we must give it everything we got in order to overcome and live happily.

With such wonderful thoughts I started smiling and feeling good. My good mood continued until my gaze rested on the wall clock which showed 11 PM. Then I looked at my syllabus and saw the amount of course remaining to be completed. All my happiness got instantly vaporised and quickly a feeling of impending doom rested on me.

And so my last stand began.....

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