Monday, 19 November 2012

The Right Kind Of Courage

What an event full day.There were lots of things happening at once and things were changing at a very brisk pace.I am sitting here thinking of the celebration we had,some serious personal encounter of close friends,reconciliation after some time and then a fight for no reason.Each of these things happened today separately at different time with various people involved and with no connection with each other.There was something common which I found among the persons involved and that is courage.

It takes a lot of courage to fight in a ring with a worthy adversary, while cliff jumping,parachute jumping or driving at more than 300km per hour to win a race.But how would you fare when you are being bullied and beaten by an goon??Not good I suppose.Nobody wants to get in an fight where it might come to blows.I don't mind admitting that I am a little afraid myself.But that is not important as fear comes naturally to us.The thing that tells the character of an person is how he hold his ground even when everything around is hurting him.
Here is what happened today..
My friend got into trouble with some local thugs for no fault of his.They came looking to for him.I suggested him to leave but he stood there wanting to clarify things and short everything out.They were drunk and were thrashing at anyone who stood around.But my friend walked up to them knowing full well that there was very little chance of a friendly chat.What followed later was predictable,him getting bruised and humiliated even with our efforts to protect him.
Some people might say that it was foolish on his behalf to walk to them and he should have left when he had the chance.So I ask a question.Should we walk away when we know when we had done no wrong??Does avoiding situation behind the pretext of acting smartly is always a good thing???Wouldn't we fall victim to fear and pessimism if we didn't stand for what we believe in??Is being able to face the extremes is not what makes us humans??
I don't know about others but I think what he did was honourable for it was not his ego or his pride that made him confront them.It was the sense of his belief that prompted him to action and in my opinion it was right kind of courage.

Now to what happened at some other place and different time but today itself....
There were some serious issues between couple of my friends for quite some time.I don't know how it happened but one of them took the initiative and apologised and after that there was reconciliation between everyone.I am not going into details because everything was so messy and I wouldn't know from where to start and where to end.So this is what happened.
There all kinds of courage but the ability to stand before someone and accept what you did was wrong needs the lots of courage.For you must put aside your ego,pride and the sense of self importance first and only then you can say the right words.My friend showed courage and most importantly the right kind of courage.

 I am not giving my judgement that what they did was right or wrong.As same thing can be said in thousand different ways,explanation of behaviour of someone can be described in a number of ways,each view different from the previous one.I am simply trying to understand what drives an person when things change adversely and there is no escape from what is to come.You only have two choices whether to face the situation reluctantly or face it on your feet, for face you must as it is your fate.When you don't have the power to change anything,your attitude is what matters. 


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

My first words

I have been wanting to start my own blog for a some time.I don't know something or the other always prevents me from writing(laziness).Still it is "better to be late then never" they say(whoever said this was a wonderful guy)..
Well the idea actually was to have my own space for my thoughts.As more often then not it goes astray or lost in the midst of useless and meaningless chatter of my daily life.My mind wanders in such a wide variety of issues that it is a bit difficult to understand what it truly means.Perhaps writing them down might help to simplify the thought process and make it easier to decide what to do.
Memory is the greatest gift that mankind recieved from the creator.It is the unconditional solace of every individual.Yet it is so fragile that only a few remain and the rest fades with time.It is important for me to remember every detail of today so that tomorrow I might look back and feel proud of my achivements.
It is important for me to never forget what it is be like now,so that when in a completely different time and situation in the future I would have to make an important decision for my life,there would still be a part of my old self present there there who can hold on to my values and choose that path which is closest to my heart.
So here I am.....
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