Friday, 7 December 2012

Last Steps

I do like to talk about time a lot. It is important to me in ways which are self devised and have coherent meaning in my approach towards life. When life is tough I try to wait patiently for the time to pass. When life is wonderful there is a rush to prolong the happy moments. Nevertheless they slip  through my fingers breaking my heart each time they do so. But such is life. It is never easy. No matter what you do life will tear apart things that you cherish. Yet life is fair for you will receive rewards at places you least expect.

Such thoughts leave me with more questions then at the time they actually started messing with my head. I was troubled by them when I was thinking of the past few days......

My heart is beating with a sense of urgency. It is like someone important is going to be left behind. I tried to soothe it but my efforts were soon drowned in a flood of raw emotions. I felt nostalgic as my eyes swept across the corridor. Seeing those faces that have been my life for the last four years made me realise how much I am going to miss them. An important phase in my life is coming to an end...

I remember the first day of college, when I walked into the college campus with a big smile on my face. After the disciplined and monotonous school life, excitement was budding inside me ready to burst out. I walked around getting the feel of the new place. I thought this place would be the centre of my life for many years to come. I entered my class and looked around anxiously. I made some introductions with my class mates and thus began the most memorable journey of my life.

I had no idea that some of them would become inseparable part of my life. But they did and rest is history. The rest of the day went really fast between trying to remember every body's name and unyielding professors who did not show mercy to the fresh arrivals. As I walked home that day there was a sense of hopefulness in me. I was really looking forward to what the coming days would bring to my life.

And the time flowed..

I don't say my days were always good, that all my expectations were actually met. There were times when I have regretted coming here. But when I look at the faces of my friends that otherwise would not have existed at all, my sense of disappointment fade into nothingness.

All the fond memories of college, the taunts and friendly jibes, senseless chatter, the trials faced ( sitting in lectures), our foolish notions, long bike rides not to forget our own ceremonious meeting (sometimes with glasses in hand) and our birthday celebrations the list goes on and on...
For all these moments I will only say that coming here was worth it and that too in gold.

Memory is like a mirror, it shows the reflection of reality. It is not what the heart desires for it does not satisfy the soul. For my heart longs for the real thing although it might be a moment from the past.
Now I have only left with memories of my college days. As years will pass they too might grow dim and fade eventually. Such is the truth of life. Everything has an expiry date attached to it. So it ends...


  1. very well written Mr. Srivastav :)

  2. yah u r rite abt the fact that an important phase on ur life is coming to an certainly there r a lot more new things waiting 4 u.....the best thing abt the clge life has been d journey n d various experiences it has given us all......dd friends u have made here vl always b there 4 u in bad as well as bad moments of ur life,d courage to face the wrld is wht v have got here........btw very truely said n heart as the clge life is soon gng 2 get end...vl miss everything happened n every good as well as bad aspect of it......:(

    1. what you said is true..nd thank you for praising my blog and giving your views..

  3. nothing can replace college..cherish all the moments u got :)


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