Monday, 10 December 2012

It hurts but in a good way...

The wind of change blows through time. Sometime just a warm breeze shifting the leaf of a tree. Sometimes a thundering storm altering the entire nature of beings .It is one of the most fundamental aspects of nature. Everyone learn early in their life to abide by changes. For one who cannot adapt would perish in the storm of life.
This is a story of my friend who was caught unawares by persistent winds of change transforming him into someone entirely different. For better or worse we shall see....
I shall start from the very starting when we met for the first time. It was my first day of college and we were introduced to each other by some of my classmates. I remember him well an average looking guy of medium height, spikes in hair and strong build. The best thing was a big smile on his face that seemed genuine. He seemed like a friendly guy and kind of person who can easily mingle with everyone. We got along well for like me he was not one of the studious (scary) types.
The most prominent thing about him was his love for motorcycles. He used to do stunts and crazy stuff on bikes. Nobody knows about his stunting ability more than I due to some of the injuries I sustained during one or more of his stunts with me sitting behind him on his bike. He had a wild streak in him and trust me it was not good for somebody sitting behind him on his bike.  
And he was shy around girls...
I am not writing this to embarrass him. Everyone including me had some personal blocks in life and we all get over it and he did too with flying colours. I am writing this part because he used to get irritated sometimes particularly when there were girls present around. He used to be very firm on the point that there is no point including girls in our group. He had a preconceived notion that they are not faithful enough for lasting friendship. I wouldn’t have minded much but he used to seriously dissuade us from spending time with any girl. This was four years back.
After around one year of college I started getting indications that my friend was not as he appears on the surface. First time was when he got caught texting a girl just before start of a semester exam. It didn’t stop here. He went missing on several occasions. Well he later confessed she was his childhood crush and he still got a thing for her. This was three years back.
Around six months back he officially told us he is in a relationship with a girl for quite some time who he had known for past three years. I’m happy for him. But now when I look at him I could hardly find the person who I befriended once. He still has that big smile but with a bit of reserve. He now dresses properly, very neat and tidy without any spikes in his hair or funky shirts. No foolishness on his part now. He is in a serious mood all the time. There is a sense of formality in his actions which is evident in his behaviour. He has changed in ways that has curbed his craziness which used to be his characteristic trait.
I don’t say that he has become awful or something like that. It is just that he had started taking life a bit too seriously and this attitude sometimes takes fun out of your life.    
 It troubles me sometimes to see him behave differently from what he used to. He is one of my closest friends and some part of me does not want him to change. It even hurts a little bit but in a good way. He has not let our friendship suffer and our bond remains strong. Only his attitude towards life has changed. I can live with that.
Change is the only constant in life. It will come to all of us. We must learn to make peace with it. Otherwise life would be very difficult for us. In the end I just want to say that I’m happy that he has found some inspiration around him who had made himself a better person.


  1. Bhai :'(
    kasam se dil prr lgg gye ... purani yaad aagye :/
    jyada serious ho gya kya mai :p
    14 ko aara hu mai okka ab :p

    1. don't take my words literally..These are my observation..others might think differently..

  2. yupp its a bitter truth in his part..but as i see 4 years are too long may be he got more matured and he finds fun in more these types of things rather than that stunts or making fun of other persons.. i am not saying i m correct..but this point can also be the scenario..

    1. I never said there is anything wrong in him..Simply he has changed..


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