Saturday, 1 December 2012

A walk through time

The clock shows midnight and after a long wait the hands of the clock smiles in unison as they are united again for a moment of peace that makes there separation bearable.
Time is an illusion . It literally stops whenever you want to speed things up and just goes off like an super fast train when there is truck load of work that has to be done . You could be cheated by it if you rely too much on it yet it might bring you wonders when you are not looking . Well these are some of the many delusions of my sophisticated mind..

I was thinking how the day went for quite sometime and then just like that I walked through some other time..

I was late as usual and the professor didn't looked happy to see me..
I walked through the benches and sat at a one of the desk at the back of the class room . I instantly got involved in hearing the latest gossips and circulating jibes that are instigated in order to create some fun in otherwise boring college life's of engineers . The professor seemed unperturbed and was still holding her ground in hope that someone in the class might still be listening . I have my share of sympathies for her but they are very limited as my marks in my internal's topped by my attendance.
Well I was scanning the class for anything interesting and both my eyes and my mind were wandering in an  seamless endless wait for lecture to get over . My eyes rested on one of my classmates . He was one of my best buddy from school and we used to do every thing together but strangely enough he seemed a world apart.

Recently he got involved with an girl who was also a good friend of mine . Distances were growing between us after his involvement with her . A part of me was angry at him and wanted to give him a real piece of my mind for abandoning my companionship so easily .
I wanted to insult every bit of him then and there for his behaviour as there was lot of hurt in my insides . I was contemplating for quite some time now,about what should I do . In my heart I knew my words was meaningless and it would do more harm then good . I did not wished to end my friendship on a bitter note....

So sitting at that uncomfortable desk during an endlessly boring lecture ,in presence of an frustrated yet determined looking professor and in company of my silly classmates I choose not to say anything and remain silent..

I could not have foreseen the future but back then,I thought it was for the best...

This was two years ago . If you see from the outside then nothing has changed around me . But for me things have changed a lot . I know now from my past experiences that how you look at the world defines you.
I realised after days of frustration that it was his life and only he can choose how to live it . I think we all make some foolish mistakes at some time or other and hurt people around us willing or unwillingly . Yet we are very angry if same is done to us no matter who is at fault and what is the reason . But when you are full of anger at wrong done to you and the person is important part of your life,sometimes it is better to remain silent and allow time to heal your hurt .

I choose to remain silent that day which prevented me from venting my anger and spoiling my friendship . For he later realised his mistakes and apologised for his behaviour . He was with me today and we had a some great time as usual .

Such is a paradox of time . You cannot turn it back but every time time you let your mind free it is surrounded by memories of the past which are more illuminating  and enlightening then the glorious present .

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  1. quite meaningful post . . its better to be silent when in times of anger . keep writing . .

  2. good one...keep going

  3. nice one kashi...the way u wrote it is really appreciable...

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  5. Writing style is really good, waiting for more :)


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