Monday, 9 March 2015

Friends For Life

I think about the last year and would like to remember few people who made an impression on me not to mention lasting friendship that I hold very close to my heart.

I would first start with Shruthi Vijayan. Well I met with her on my induction day  in Tech Mahindra. A smart, intelligent looking girl who sat behind me (I was in the first row!) from Delhi. She is the first one I got to know in Hyderabad and as we both were from same part of India (common grounds!), we hit off well from the very start.

I don’t what happened or how her father got impressed by me (my traditional greeting: touching his feet helped), he decided that she should live in the same area (where I was living) that I suggested to her. It was starting of our acquaintance that came with some great memories during my training time. The night time chat’s near that Vodafone Store or our weekend hangouts in Inorbit Mall not to mention our Extreme Sports Bar where we had some great time (especially the defeat of India in the T-20 World Cup!).

I came to respect her for her courage which makes her outspoken for what she believes in and her emotional side (which she doesn't shows very often; but which exist all the same). There was a side to her personality that she kept close to her but which I think is an important part of her i.e. the fact she likes to write. She has a diary which she always keeps with her and where she writes (I don’t know what); but which I think explains her observant and perceptive nature. The time spent with her was very precious to me, as it is very rare that you find a person with almost same emotional and mental level and with similar opinion on so many things that matter. The key to our bonding was the understanding and trust that we showed each other.

We were together during the tumultuous period when we both were getting drilled to become professional software engineers. We shared our frustration & hopes during that time but we still found time for fun. I would always cherish the time spent with her. 

Though we only spent a few months together, on my part I know I found a friend for life.

(To be contd...)


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