Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Friends For Life: A Gem Of A Person (Contd..)

The person I am writing today is a special one. Well special because it is such a rarity to see someone who seems like a mirror which shows every color of life exactly same to everyone, without any prejudice or bias. Truly a gem of a person, if anybody get’s an opportunity of meeting her (I promise you!) they cannot say no to that. I had that opportunity (Don’t want to say honor or she will go sky high) and so today I must write about this wonderful person who goes by the name of Ansu Anna Alex (Don’t get mixed up by the name! it’s just Ansu for everyone).

Well I met her after few days of start of our training when me, Shoyeb and Deepesh decided to sit in the same row next to each other, leaving one seat vacant between us on either sides, which were supposed to be filled by girls of our batch. Well I don’t know how it happened (I think she didn't have any other choice!) but she decided to sit next to me. Incidentally that very day was her turn for giving Jam. She didn't came prepared (She never is!) and so she just read a poem from her mobile. I don’t remember the words but I somehow ended up making fun of her and she gave me her seriously angry looks (She can never be properly angry at anyone and that is a fact!). It started like this, me thinking she is not a girl to cross (Serious misconception on my part!) and what she thinks about me I can only guess.

Over time I got to know her better and now I am glad that I met her.
There is something wonderful in seeing such a simple and unsophisticated person which makes her even more beautiful to behold. For her brilliance lies in her soul, which is innocent & thus shines the brightest. She belongs to that rare creed which still have faith and who are true to themselves. It relieves my heart to see such a remarkable person and more so for having her as a friend.

We became fast friends during our training and helped each whenever needed (When not required then also I helped!). We both had to share all the dull sessions together about which half the time we didn't have any clue. We worked together and encouraged each other to do better. There is nothing extraordinary about the time we spent together or anything very memorable that we did together but such is life, the ordinary moments spent with a extraordinary person becomes special.

The thing that I really liked most about her was the humbleness and sensitiveness she showed while interacting with everyone around her. Some people might mistake her softness for her weakness but I know as a matter of fact that she has strength within her which she herself sometimes downplays. She is in fact one of the best person that I have met in my life so far and I truly believe she will do great things in life.

Seeing back, I think she understood me better than most people did, for which I am grateful.

I infuriated her at a lot of occasions but she kept her peace (for which I am thankful to her). 

I wish her the very best in all her pursuits of life.

(To be contd.....)


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