Sunday, 9 February 2014

Live From Hyderabad

It has been a long time since I wrote my blog. There is a saying that time never stops. Yet there are periods in life when it actually does. When nothing seems to happen for us, everything seems to be standing still except the date on the calendar. There is an emptiness which seems to be surrounding us, feeding on us. At such time all we can do is endure and hope for the days to get better. I was having a similar phase. But I’m happy to say that time is past.

So my first job, a new city and lots and lots of new people. It has been a great experience so far (best biriyani ever). Being a guy who has lived in Delhi for last 16 years, coming to live in the City of Nizams seemed a daunting task. When you enter the city the first impression is of a place with a rich and glorious history. It has been the main city for the Mughals and later the capital for the British. It seems a whole new world for me who has living a comfortable yet incomplete life so far.

The most striking feature in this new phase of life is my new found association with the people from different parts of India, speaking different languages, coming from different geographical origins and ethnicity. Another important aspect is beginning of my professional career in IT industry. It is the initial phase of my personal transformation that would leave me changed for the better.

Each one of us has dreamed to be successful in life. It takes our whole life to realize it. I have leaped to the next level and find myself closer to the future that I have always wanted for myself. I must confess here that it is not the path that I thought I would likely walk, yet I have learnt that life does not give you what you want rather life gives what you need. Perhaps I needed this one.


  1. Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. - John Lennon.

    1. Best part: Nothing happens according to plan :-)

  2. Actually if u plan lots nothing will work out but if u just go on with the flow then u will find that all is sorted out....


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