Sunday, 3 November 2013

A Day Of Light

The light of all lights that shines brighter than the sun, more eternal than eternity, more human than humanity, existing for the sake of its existence, transforming continuously yet hidden in its every form, a truth more true than life itself. It has been named thousand names, a thousand times. It has been called Faith by the devout, bond-of-blood by the radical, love by dreamers and friendship by the wise.

I see around myself a world which consumes everything, ever changing its nature, and my sense of being insignificant in grand scheme of things becomes more profound. I realise no matter what you do, something or other would always be left out, beyond your reach. It is then of paramount importance that a force must exist which fills the void and gives you strength to carry on. This force has been hailed for generations as faith, love and friendship.
It is perhaps a paradox of nature that nothing or no one could exist in this world on his own. To think you could exist without your friends or your loved ones is unimaginable. I always put friends before family for friends are living examples of choices which you have made in this world. People who have witnessed your life, wept for your hardships, cared for your well being and whose mere presence gives you strength and all of these being reciprocated by you, is a boon greater than all the riches of the world.

I think of all this and conclude that there is something at work here, more fundamental than any building blocks of life, which works in wondrous ways. It is an order out of chaos, which sustains us, test us, show us the face of failure and reward us for our persistence.   


  1. Yes I completely agree that friends are the living example of our choices, but I also think that family is playing a major part as well as they can very well understand our choices and help us to identify which one is right and which is wrong.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I hope it will be helpful for too many people that are searching for this topic. Keep posting and keep this forum a great place to learn things.


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