Sunday, 14 April 2013

To What End??

Sooner or later we all ask our self the reason of our existence. After a long hectic day of which each and every hour was painful, every step laboured; we always question the reason of our suffering. Why do we suffer needlessly when all we want is to follow our hearts wherever it takes us? Why do the choices that life presents to us have to be so out of context that we are left bewildered and uncertain that the path laid in front of us is indeed the one that we seek?   

It is said that we live to find happiness in this world. For this sole purpose we follow our dreams, fall in love and take risk in life to achieve what we must to full fill our destiny and leave our impact in this world. But each of us at some time of our life question the path that we are forced to tread to find happiness. We all ask our self the same question; ‘To what end?’  

 We all question our faith, our beliefs in different scenarios to ascertain that we follow the most righteous and worthwhile path. Some questions are asked openly, some secretly in silent corners of the house.

It is in human nature to seek acceptance from the people with whom we indulge our self. Our whole life is spent earning our place in the society or so as to say to mingle with the crowd. This is reason why even when it is clear to us that the way is improper even immoral in the eyes of our soul; we don’t dare to heed that voice. For it will make us stand out in the crowd. We feel that we would be seen as an outcast by our own friends, family and the society most of all. Such is the greatest travesty in this world that a soul is lost in hailstorm of life for those who never cared or were not even aware of his existence.       

 It is very infuriating sometimes to follow the customs and traditions with which we must oblige our society. From the time we are born we’re confounded by the endless web of human subtleties.  As we grow up and as our understanding grows we are more baffled by inexplicable human nature and bizarre turn of events which takes us to roads beyond our wildest imaginations.  

Such is the way of life as complex as any mathematics algebraic problem if you don’t understand the question; at the same time simple enough if you know the trick. Life has always been difficult to understand with so much happening around us. It is easier to get lost here than to reach the end of the road. The trick is to keep walking.    


  1. very nice write up. Loved reading it. Thank u for such a beautiful share. Keep posting with lots more.


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