Saturday, 26 January 2013

Winds Of Change

 It is the time of change. I could feel it in my bones. The slow mourning of bare trees, the low pitched howling of stray dogs, chirping of birds all are signifying some eminent transformation.

 The chilling winds of winters are trying in vain to prolong their majestic dominance over the weather. Nevertheless the warmth of spring creeps through the reign of cold winds. The onset of springs is inevitable and so is change.

My life couldn’t be more similar to weather. I don’t know what is more strange; my life being similar to weather or myself being ignorant enough to claim that I understand Delhi’s weather. I rather would have compared my life with something more explicable but resemblance with something mysterious gives a much better air.

I am going to be a graduate soon. Everything about my life is going to change in a few months. I feel excited and filled with thrill to discover what all my life has waiting for me. I would freely like to admit there is some uneasiness about my uncertain future. Yet I’m determined to succeed.

My heart has always known the way and I hope that my feet would not falter in the maze of life which is ever so full of deceit and deception. All the wealth of the world would not mean anything if I’m not able to walk the path that leads to my heart’s desire.

My dreams are waiting to be full filled by me even though I don’t know the way yet. They are vital to our survival as they are one’s who make this life worth living. It is my personal quest, whether or not I'll succeed remains to be seen.  

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  1. Just keep on walkin down the lane...coz paths reveal thy destiny...


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