Wednesday, 14 November 2012

My first words

I have been wanting to start my own blog for a some time.I don't know something or the other always prevents me from writing(laziness).Still it is "better to be late then never" they say(whoever said this was a wonderful guy)..
Well the idea actually was to have my own space for my thoughts.As more often then not it goes astray or lost in the midst of useless and meaningless chatter of my daily life.My mind wanders in such a wide variety of issues that it is a bit difficult to understand what it truly means.Perhaps writing them down might help to simplify the thought process and make it easier to decide what to do.
Memory is the greatest gift that mankind recieved from the creator.It is the unconditional solace of every individual.Yet it is so fragile that only a few remain and the rest fades with time.It is important for me to remember every detail of today so that tomorrow I might look back and feel proud of my achivements.
It is important for me to never forget what it is be like now,so that when in a completely different time and situation in the future I would have to make an important decision for my life,there would still be a part of my old self present there there who can hold on to my values and choose that path which is closest to my heart.
So here I am.....


  1. will wait for more writing :)
    Do work on the blog, I cant find a way how to follow your blog ( add a widget).

  2. gud start aakash...continue writing

  3. Really a good start but I won't say much about your writing right now, as I want you write more and more so that it's easier for a reader to criticize and comment.
    The only thing that I found not-so-good about your blog is : saale tune ye purple color kyu lagaya hai..?? (o_O)

  4. anyone wanting to comment who are not on gmail kindly choose anonymous profile...


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